Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Updates - Where have I been?

I've been contributing to the web for many, many years, mostly with toy related information - my wildtoys.com website has been up continuously since the 90's. I've also added over a dozen blogs regarding various topics since blogger first came into being. My Johnny Apollo toy posts were always placed in this blog - that's why the dates go back so far - most recently I've been really focused on job and career. Also recently, Google has enabled some simple domain hosting so I decided to buy the "johnnyapollotoy.com" domain and point it to a slightly edited blog as a new website (I removed some of the non-Johnny Apollo information). This is the result.

My goal is to provide a series of pages that detail the Marx Johnny Apollo toy line along with variations and knock-offs. I've also copied the wikipedia entry for Johnny Apollo (which I originally made back in 2005) with the latest updates. I hope you enjoy the information and photos I'll be providing shortly.

-- John Eaton

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